All About Me


…and a massive welcome to my design blog about all my crafty makes and the love I have for crafting!

I have had a huge passion for all things arty and crafty ever since I can remember. When I was small, I had pots and boxes full of pens, notebooks, paints and brushes. I would come home from the library with books telling me how to have my stationary arranged, how to use my brushes correctly and how to draw ‘things’. After leaving school I spent 4 years studying textile design at art college but for the past ten years or so my passion has been massively re-ignited and I’ve come back to my love of paper, glue, stamping, embossing, embellishments etc…!


I am utterly obsessed with it now and the direction it has taken me. It gives me a huge happy smile when I think of how my cards and makes have been received in design-land and now a day doesn’t go by when I’m not sketching designs or die-cutting something or trying out an idea. I simply love it.

So… just to give you some idea of who I am… here I am (cue dodgy photo!) although this was a few years ago and I look much older (and wiser?!) now.


I live in Surrey, have three fabulous children and live with my other half who is incredibly patient and supportive of my crafting obsession. He is happy to let me hide myself away in the craft room for hours on end, appearing only for a re-fill of tea.  There’s also my hairy four-legged-friends which are very over-excited Miniature Dachshund’s.  Stanley (on the left) and Syd (on the right) are playful little tikes who make crafting nigh on impossible sometimes… “play ball/tug/rub my tummy/give me a treat” etc etc…

File 05-10-2015, 15 54 57

Thank you for taking the time to pop in and read my blog and for all the lovely comments and feedback you leave. I really do appreciate you taking the time to pop by when we are all so incredibly busy these days. Feel free to leave your blog address so I can pop over to you and say hello back!

I hope you find my cards and makes inspiring and that you’ll pop by again soon!

Thank you for looking… and happy crafting!

Heather x





2 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. mags woodcock says:

    My boss has in miniature dash, as you say HUGE personalities, but don’t you just love that !. If you fancy a look, my blog is
    Hope the cold has gone now and you feel better……..Mags x


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