Craft Consortium Decoupage Make

Afternoon folks,

I’m hibernating again today as it’s been sooooo c-c-cold at work lately and so today (a day off) I’m treating myself by catching up on my blog and sorting out a few projects.

While popping the Christmas decorations away a few weeks ago, I came across a letter rack my Grandad made a few years before he died.  It means a lot to me as he made it but I knew I would never use it in the colour he stained and polished it.


The original rack was stained a mahogany colour and then french polished

The letter rack needed a bit of prep before decoupaging, so I sanded it down lightly and painted it with white Gesso to seal it.


Armed with my Craft Consortium decoupage papers, I set about choosing which papers to decorate it with, not an easy task as the new papers they sent me are gorgeous!!

Eventually, I settled on ‘Large Feathers’ for the interior of the rack and ‘Well Travelled’ for the outside (seemed appropriate to use a vintage postcard paper for a letter rack!)  I didn’t want to add the papers in strips or square as I have done previously, I wanted the whole paper to be applied at once and so it was my favourite thing of measuring (accurately!) to get the precise shaped trimmed.  Thankfully, decoupage paper is pretty forgiving and you’re able to trim off excess easily.

I mixed up a 75/25 glue and water mix to apply the papers and when completed (and dried) gave it a couple of thin coats of matt varnish.

For the arched sides, I recently re-found (is that a word?!) some gold leaf I bought for a project years ago, that I never got around to doing and wanted to use it for the arched sides of the rack.  Having never used gold-leaf before, I was a bit apprehensive, but no need!  It’s super easy and quite addictive once you get going.  It’s added a lovely warmth to the project.


I love how the white Gesso, I added after sanding, gives the papers a gentle brushstroke texture


The back of the rack also shows the vintage postcard paper


The gold-leaf adds a gorgeous texture and warmth to the project


I think Grandad would be rather pleased his letter rack is still being used… albeit in a different guise… makes me feel warm and fuzzy anyway 🙂

That’s all for now… catch up soon…

Heather x


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