Textural Heaven!

Morning everyone,

A wet and dismal day here today but that’s okay by me as I’ve got a day off and as I’m feeling like poop (I have a right ol’ stinker of a cold) I’m spending the day catching up on ‘stuff’ and doing very little indeed.

So, in my pervious blog post I said I was going to share something a bit different and by that I mean it’s not craft related. On my recent holly-bobs to Malta, I was struck by the fabulous architecture in the old towns and particularly the doors.


I mean… look how wonderful that looks! The sunshine yellow is just glorious and most of the old style building have doors like this!!  It’s just beautiful!!


These are a bit dull in comparison with some of the others but still pretty special looking!


This one, like the door below, I love due to the texture of the door and the limestone, it’s just stunning!



The ironwork here is not usual on the doors but I did like the simplicity of the flowers.


This building, despite it’s plain appearance, is set in the most gorgeous location in the beautiful medieval town of Mdina. This is a truly beautiful place.  In parts you can outstretch your hands and touch both sides of the narrow streets… and there is a most amazing little cafe atop the town’s walls that does the most delicious milkshakes and cakes in the whole of Malta!




I must admit I prefer the doors that are peeling old paint to reveal previous colours and rusty door furniture that drips rust making lines of golden orange that contrast with the blues and greens of the door… textural heaven!

So there you have it. Like I say, an off the usual post today but forgive my indulgence!

I’ll be back soon with some more Craft Consortium makes to share.

Heather x

2 thoughts on “Textural Heaven!

  1. lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven says:

    These look fabulous, I am going to Malta next year, I was born there and I love the place. The architecture in Turkey, especially Istanbul was amazing too. I have to agree I loved the peeled paint door.
    Linda xxx


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