Dino Crafting

Hey all,

I’m sharing something a bit different to my usual papers today as these special papers are designed by one of my fellow designer friends, Sarah (aka Stickerkitten) and her hubby James.  Sarah and James designed and drew the dinosaurs between them and they’ve only gone and got them printed and are now selling their own paper packs which is pretty incredible!!

Obviously, I am more than happy to promote Sarah and James as much as possible and when Sarah kindly offered me a free pack of the papers, I was ready to spring into action with makes for them and here’s what I came up with…

This One.

I decided to go for a birthday party theme for my makes as they are perfect for a little boy’s birthday party so I made a party invite, a gift bag and a table decoration.


The little dino’s are very cute and I was impressed with the paper quality and colour, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t a top brand.

FullSizeRender 2

The gift bag could be used a a gift for the birthday boy or you could fill it with dino treats for a party-goer to take home to devour!

This one

Lastly, the table decoration.  I loved making this and it would look great in the middle of a table surrounded by cupcakes! I’ve used a heavy jar so it doesn’t tip over and the stems of the decorations are BBQ skewers coloured using ink pads.

Sarah and James are hoping to continue to produce their own line of papers and I for one am looking forward to them!

You can find the Dino paper packs on Sarah’s StickerKitten Etsy shop and are an absolute bargain at £6.00!

H xx


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