The Pupsters Paradise Crush

Hello and welcome lovely people,

Well, what a week I’ve had and not in a good way.  My little pupster Syd tripped me up on the stairs, making me slip and hurt my back. Ouchy indeed. Little pain she is. Good job she is a cute as one of my buttons as I’m nearing the end of my tether with her and I’m a pretty damn patient person on the whole.  But her antics didn’t stop there.  I popped out yesterday morning to catch up with a friend and exchange back tips, but whilst out the other half  wasn’t watching her and she got into the craft room and managed to destroy two of my latest projects.  Furious doesn’t come into it!


You’ll have to excuse the photographs as it was hastily taken very late Friday night (my subconscious must’ve known they were doomed!)

The papers are the gorgeous Paradise Crush from First Edition as I simply cannot get enough of it! Here, I’ve taken the little budgie illustration and highlighted it using a distressed MDF frame from Dovecraft which I’ve painted and stencilled and then given a glitzy coat of glitter glue. The flowers, from Santoro, have been smudged with the same paints and tucked around the ornate gold frame from Xcut.


I was super pleased with the A-frame card, really summery and worked beautifully but it wasn’t meant to be!

The other card she attacked was this girlie card using Pretty Posy papers (also from First Edition).

File 24-07-2016, 13 19 57

The buttons, wooden frame, adhesive gems and one of the gold mirrored chevrons have ‘disappeared’ so I dread to think when they’ll reappear again! I’ll have to keep an eye out incase it’s a vet job. Sigh…

Anyway… this is what both projects look like now:


So thanks Syd! What an utter ratbag and very much in the doghouse this week (and the Oh too for not doing his Dad duties!).  Here’s hoping next week is an improvement!!

H xx


5 thoughts on “The Pupsters Paradise Crush

  1. lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven says:

    Oh no poor you, hope your back is okay. Your poor cards, they were gorgeous before Syd destroyed them. I hope this week is a lot better for you.
    Linda xxx


  2. mags woodcock says:

    Gorgeous cards before the pupster got hold of them. such a shame. Hope the chevrons appear without another disaster !. Our German Shepherd once ate 6 cotton buds that were wrapped in tissue in the bin,never saw any sign of them again,. Hope this coming week is better on all fronts (and back) for you , hugs Mags xx


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