Forever Friends ‘Classic Decadence’ Makes

Well a shiny but rainy good morning to you all!

It’s been a good few weeks since I’ve blogged, lots has happened and life has been ridiculously silly and busy.  Let me introduce you to Syd, our gorgeous new furry person.  She came our way through unexpected circumstances but ours she is and she is definitely making her presence known in the household!

File 24-09-2015, 08 59 27

She joined us a few weeks ago and I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard work!  Syd and the other fluffy one, Stan, run around like crazed animals, knocking anyone and everything out of their path as they do it.  So now it’s back to house training, little spills cropping up and watching those needle sharp teeth get plenty of approved chewing toys and not skirting boards or sofas!

In amongst all this mayhem, I have been crafting.  Indeed, I’ve even bought gorgeous new storage for the craft room and it’s looking tip-top (if a little on the full side-might need just one more bookcase!) and today, I’m sharing some of the Forever Friends ‘Classic Decadence’ projects I’ve made.  You would have already seen the shaker card I made a while ago and this card is my absolute favourite make in a long time I think.  I didn’t think about what I was making, I just got everything out and layered up.

File 24-09-2015, 08 49 43

I started off by folding black card into a tall tent-fold card, spritzed some Artiste gold ink on card and decided to really layer up the papers so show off as many as possible while framing the little decoupage bear at the same time.

File 24-09-2015, 08 50 03

File 24-09-2015, 08 50 51

Although it’s always good to try new styles, I know that this heavily embellished and layered look is definitely my definitive style.

Ikea is always a fabulous place to pick up cheap frames an debits and pieces for altering and I had the utter delight of meeting Katie Skilton there recently (and her totally gorgeous children!)  I picked up a few frames and these dinky ones caught my eye and knew they’d match the Forever Friends papers perfectly.


At something silly like £1.50 each, I bought a few and set to work!




Not sure what I’ll do with them yet but I know a few little people whose bedroom walls these would look cute on.

So from one frame to a really simple, quick frame I made using the Bare Basic large peg from docrafts.

File 24-09-2015, 09 26 04

I’ve painted the peg, then given it a coat of grey glitter glue and added torn strips of the glitter tape plus a couple of the gems.

File 20-09-2015, 12 58 40

The frame is just off-set card with an aperture cut into it and embellished in the same way as the peg. (Apologies for my son beaming out at you!  He will tut and moan at me when he finds out!)

My last Forever Friends ‘Classic Decadence’ make for you is a cheeky chap enjoying a rather large birthday cupcake.  Again, I’ve framed the main image using torn strips of the glitter tape and used a variety of papers to add interest and layers.



For a range I really wasn’t sure of when I received it, I have totally fallen for it.  Totally versatile and easily used for male, girlie, children or Christmas it really is a top range to get your sticky crafty paws on!

Catch up soon folks, thank you for reading this epic post!

Heather x

14 thoughts on “Forever Friends ‘Classic Decadence’ Makes

  1. StickerKitten says:

    Loads of great projects here!! I knew as soon as you said you weren’t sure about the range you’d end up doing something fab with it 😉 And yes I agree with Mags, we always love to see pics of people’s craft storage hehe xx


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