It’s Creative Blog Hop time!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Creative Blog Hop!

So… it’s Monday again.  The day where all kinds of artists from many different genres, join in The Creative Blog Hop after being tagged by someone the previous Monday.  I was tagged by Janna Gay (thank you Janna!) She is a wonderful crafter who loves Tim Holtz equally as much as I do!  If you haven’t already seen her blog, do check it out.  Her makes are inspiring and you can find her at:

The Creative Blog Hop is the brain child of a blogger, whose identity has been lost along the way. The intention is for us all, as bloggers, to get to know each other better and share ideas and inspiration. It is most commonly explained as similar to the playground game ‘Tag’ (you’re it) but over a huge expanse of space (conceivably the whole world – or at least the parts of the world that have access to the internet). Each Blogger introduces their ‘tagger’ and themselves, answers four questions about themselves and then they ‘tag’ other bloggers and it goes on and on (or at least that is the aim of the game).

So, let me introduce myself incase you haven’t stopped by my blog before.  I’m Heather, a forty*coughs*something mother of three fabulous and wonderful children.  I work full-time in a secondary school as a Curriculum Support Officer (better known as a supply teacher) but not for much longer as I am departing onto pastures new in a couple of weeks.  I live in Surrey with my other half and our adorable Mini-Dachshund, Stanley…  who rather loves a bubble bath (especially after a particularly stinky walk)!


I’m lucky enough to have my own crafting space at home, which is just as well as it gets a bit messy and unkempt!  It does need some serious organisation but whose craft room doesn’t?!  I keep saying I’m going to get proper shelving and units but never actually get around to it.  What you can’t see from the pics are the 12×12 plastic storage boxes chock full of all my precious papers hidden from view.  I hide them away so Stanley can’t get near them as he has been known to steal things out of boxes and hide them behind the sofa!

IMG_9433 IMG_9435

I’ve only been crafting properly for a couple of years and in that short time I have been incredibly fortunate as I am on the design team for docrafts and for Cardmaking and Papercrafts online DT.  I design regularly for docrafts Creativity magazine and for Papercrafter magazine and have tutorials and cards on the Cardmaking and Papercraft website.

Anniversary card made for Cardmaking and Papercraft online DT using Craftwork Cards 'Paradise' range

Anniversary card made for Cardmaking and Papercraft online DT using Craftwork Cards ‘Paradise’ range

*What am I working on now?

I’ve just finished some cards for docrafts using their amazing download papers (available on their website soon!) which I always enjoying playing with.  Today I hope to play with their Halloween download papers (available soon) and make something spooky.  I’ve been playing around with some ideas and am thinking I might make table decorations with them, something different for a change.  The colours and images are just perfect for spooky makes so do keep your eye out for them!

DT card for docrafts using their 'Insect' download papers

DT card for docrafts using their ‘Insect’ download papers

*How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I don’t set out to be different or to change the crafting world, I just make what I like.  Having studied textile design, I can’t quite shake off the layers and textual quality I like to have in my cards.  I have tried the clean and simple look that so many other designers can do so easily but I actually find it really stressful!  My cards are thick and heavy with all sorts of embellishments, it’s a postie’s nightmare!

Detail of a Gorjuss room hanger I made for a friends daughter.  I've scratched the papers and heat embossed the edges of the papers (note: no ink!)

Detail of a Gorjuss room hanger I made for a friends daughter. I’ve scratched the papers and heat embossed the edges of the papers (note: no ink!)

Inked, distressed, layered and embellished… and yet quite clean for me!

Inked, distressed, layered and embellished… and yet quite clean for me!

you can really see the layers on this docrafts 'Victorian Christmas' card

you can really see the layers on this docrafts ‘Victorian Christmas’ card

*Why do I create what I do, and how does my creative process work?

Oooh… good question! I love nothing better than being in the craft room, music on, cup of tea to hand (but not to close!) and just losing myself in the creative process.  I have been known to lose entire evenings!  I can pop in to have a quick play and before I know it, it’s 2/3 hours later and I’m late to bed with nothing ironed or ready for school the next day.

Inspiration can strike at any time, usually whilst in a meeting at school as my brain tends to wander off topic!  I keep a small sketch book tucked into my teacher planner so I can pull it out and scribble stuff down.  I tend to draw over school handouts (making them completely illegible) and fellow teachers have commented on my doodlings and designs and asked what I’m up to!

I buy a lot of crafting magazines as I like to keep up-to-date with products and other designers and this always provides ideas and inspiration… usually as I’m trying off to sleep and I end up wide awake with ideas buzzing.

As for creative processes, If I’m working on commissions, I’ll have a brief to stick too and that can be restrictive but even then you are given carte blanche style-wise.  I have no idea how I create what I do, it just feels right when something is finished.  I rarely work out designs first, I just go with the creative flow and see what appears.  Ideas ping out at me and even if I can’t use them on that particular make, I’ll scribble it down in my sketchbook to use on a later make.  I just know that card making is right for me.  I’d be utterly bereft without it and I get all twitchy if I have to go without crafting for a couple of days.

Messy sketchbook page for a make that didn't look like anything I had visualised!

Messy sketchbook page for a make that didn’t look like anything I had visualised!

The crafting community are a fabulous bunch of people and I have made some wonderful new friends… (including the crafting superstar that is Becky James!  Haha…  she’ll be so embarrassed at that!) The docrafts DT are always there to pick you up when you’ve lost your crafting mojo (it happens!) or to answer that awkward question when you’re writing up a project and Google is no help whatsoever.

A thank you card for a friend at work who makes my working day a lot easier!

A thank you card for a friend at work who makes my working day a lot easier!

So there you have me.  Now the person I have tagged is the fabulous Becky James.  I have admired Becky’s work for a while as she too seems to share the love of layers and textures on her makes and I am constantly in awe of her projects.  So, with further ado, ladies and gentlemen… I give you Becky James *rapturous applause!*

“Hi My name is Becky James and I am a lover of absolutely everything handmade and crafty. I’m a huge believer that everyone has a craft that they can do and has an artistic spark somewhere inside them… It’s just a matter of finding that spark and setting it alight! My own crafting love involves paper though I love to add dimension and texture with multi media elements. I love to upcycle and repurpose old items that need a new home – creating treasure from trash – and I love to support the handmade community whenever I can. I would like to thank my lovely friend and fellow crafting buddy Heather for nominating me to take part and I hope you will join me next Monday to learn more about my own life in crafting.”

So folks, do check out Becky’s blog next Monday for her entry into The Creative Blog Hop.  Find her blog here:

Happy crafting,

Heather x



4 thoughts on “It’s Creative Blog Hop time!

  1. Janna says:

    Couldn’t wait till later to read this , it’s great heather , love the doggy in bubbles ! Really love your style too. Thanks for the link to my page too.
    Really fun to read all about you and see your projects. All fabulous, love the anniversary card. By the way I love your sense of humour best of all, you make me giggle x
    Ps can’t wait to see Becky’s blog hop next week too 🙂


  2. lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven says:

    This is a fabulous read Heather, lovely to getting to know you better and loving the photograph of Stanley having a bubble bath.
    Linda xxx


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