Blog your Heart Out!

Evening crafters…

How’s your week going?  Is it me or does it feel reeeeally long?  Sigh… c’mon weekend!  Hurry up and arrive please!

So you’re probably all wondering why the mid-week blog post?  Well, I’ve been nominated by a friend of mine to take part in a blogging ‘quiz’ (for the want of a better word!) so we can get some new people to our sites and get some new followers (hopefully!)  So, if you’re brand new to my blog today!  Welcome… I’m about to bore you with stuff all about me!  Stick the kettle on, grab a digestive and pull up a chair…

1.  Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?

I love being nosy and looking at others makes and I wanted to be part of it!  I might now always comment on others blogs but I look at a LOT and enjoy seeing the different ranges and products crafters use.  Unfortunately  this has led me to me to have a serious craft addiction and I can’t seem to even use products I’ve bought… I just get them out now and again, flick throughout he pages, go ‘yummy!’ and pop them back!  I need to get over that!

2.  How did I chose what to blog about?

I just blog about my recent makes… which is hard sometimes as I do magazine work and I can’t show that before it’s published.  This has led to a blog-drought at times!  I’d like to blog more but time is always against me.  I’m trying to persuade school to let me have a 5-day weekend and only work 2 days but I don’t think they’re taking me seriously!

3.  What is something most people don’t know about you?

Ooooh… I don’t know!  This one is hard…  how about that I have zero self-confidence in my abilities!?  I constantly worry I’m not good enough or that I don’t produce enough or I’m not experimental enough.  I would simply LOVE to designing full-time and have more time to put all these ideas (which are clogging up my brain) into fruition.

4.  What three words describe your style?

Textured.  Layered.  Inky.

5.  What do you love to do when you are not blogging?

Apart from crafting? I have a pesky Dachshund, Stanley, who is driving me nuts with his antics lately and I have 3 not-so-small kiddies who keep me pretty busy.  I’d like to say I run marathons, swim 50 lengths a day and cycle everywhere but I don’t.  If I had the time clearly I would do all these things… maybe.

So, there’s a few more things about me perhaps you didn’t know.  Until next time!  Happy Wednesday crafting folk! x



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