Bonjour Parisienne Blue!

Evening all you lovely crafty people, how has your day been? Has it been filled with crafting (you lucky people! or has it been like mine and you’ve spent the day at work wishing you could be crafting?! At least I’ve found time to share a couple of makes with you this evening though.

I’ve been working with the lovely folk at docrafts again and I’ve been playing with their new Parisienne Blue Capsule Collection. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure where to start when I first received it but once I began playing my view soon changed and I absolutely love it now. It’s so easy to work with and it mixes with other ranges so well, as I will now show you!

My first Parisienne Blue make was for the docrafts design team and can be found on their members projects page of the Creativity Club.


I’ve cut out a large heart heart shaped aperture and filled it with scalloped hearts and acetate. The outer paper cut heart is trimmed from the ranges lace papers and comes in three shapes: heart, circle and a square. Each paper has a gorgeous intricate fretwork border that can be cut up and used in so many different ways. I’ve even popped a small flower in the middle of the acetate heart!


The top of the card has the most detail and I’ve made some paper roses out of the papers and finished them off with a cute pearl gem. I’ve also over embellished a big bloomer and used different petals and ribbons to add different textures.


The second card I’ve made is a mixture of a few different do craft collections.


It’s got a hint of Vintage Notes, a touch of Tilly Daydream and the fabulous Parisienne Blue. I really enjoyed making this one and didn’t plan how it should look, I just let myself get carried away with the textures and embellishments.


I don’t normally mix the ranges up, I don’t know why but it’s not something I tend to do however, I will definitely be doing it again.

My final share with you tonight is a my latest commission card for Creativity magazine, a’Tilly Daydream’ card and matching wall hanging for a daughter’s birthday.


It’s always lovely to see your work in print and I’m always especially proud when something appears in Creativity magazine. Keep your eyes peeled as I may have something else appearing soon!


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