Happy birthday my gorgeous girlies!

My two girls love Mum’s cards and they have a plethora of tiny special cards I make for them out of the little bits I have left over. However, it when comes to their birthdays they like something special and one of them (…not saying who!) gave me very specific instructions on colours, design and embellishments!

Daisy's birthday card

Daisy’s birthday card

I had to go down the vintage route for Daisy’s card as she loves that style and I knew she would like it to have crisp, clean lines. I popped a flicker of bunting in one corner and a couple of overlaid flowers in the other. The background papers have been torn out of an old calendar I had and the paper embellishments are the ‘Vintage Notes’ range from Docrafts. I added a sparkly ‘D’ and a few pearlised flowers and jewels to give it a bit of birthday glamour!

Daisy was very pleased with it… and so was I.

The card I made for Katie had to be bright and colourful as ‘she doesn’t like all that flowery stuff!’The Boofle range from Docrafts was perfect for this.

Katie's birthday card

Katie’s birthday card

I used the ‘Vintage Notes’ die-cut heart with silver card behind so add a hint of sparkle and placed it outside the perimeters of the card to add height, which I then balanced out with the large heat embossed letters.

By adding a few cheery flowers, a line of lace and ribbon and her name framed in bright pink glittery card (with matching buttons!) the card was complete! It now sits happily on the shelf next to her bed with all her other special bits and pieces!

Happy birthday girls!

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